Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Driving Range Netting Installation Experience

I wanted to make sure that when I installed driving range netting that I did it right. This was something that I wanted to deal with carefully, because if I were to do the golf netting installation wrong it would waste my money and time.

The materials that were used I made sure were of a high quality because I didn't want to have to pay to replace everything for at least a couple of years. So far so good beyond a couple of tears due to the wind getting to be a problem a few times.

One thing I made sure of when getting a company install my netting was that I called around with the measurements for the course that I wanted to have it go around. That way, I let them know what the square footage was of the area so that I didn't have to have anyone come out to give me a price quote. This made the process go a lot faster and I also was able to tell if they had good customer service based on the way that they treated me when I had them give me the price quotes.

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